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About Jadinterior Ltd.

Jadinterior Ltd; Paint and Plaster, Christchurch

Welcome to Jadinterior Ltd., your specialist for complete bathroom renovation, paint and plaster and more in Auckland!

My name is Jalal and I am the manager of Jadinterior Ltd., working together with my amazing team.

I am an experienced renovator, painter and plasterer and have more than 20 years experience.

We are working for you with a professional team of specialists that will fulfill your wishes of internal and exterior renovation and design such as bathrooms, kitchen, hole repairs, painting and more. We work on any spaces, your houses, apartments, offices and others that need a fix.

My job is my passion and this is why I bring to you Jadinterior Ltd. that will give you professional and perfect results, exactly the way you want!


Please have a look at our many Services, Before-After images, and my testimonials, and contact us for any requests you may have. 


I look forward to working for you soon!



Jadinterior Ltd.

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